4 Things You Should Know About Liposomal Vitamin C

You already know what vitamin C can do for your body, but, unfortunately, your body likely isn’t getting the vitamin C it needs – even if you’re taking a traditional supplement.

The unfortunate thing about vitamin C is that, when taken in large doses, the body does not tolerate it well and it often causes intestinal discomfort.

That’s why liposomal vitamin C can be such a breakthrough in your health regimen. Here are a few things you need to know about this amazing supplement.

Liposomal are the Best Delivery System for Vitamin C

You know a lot about vitamin C, but you may not know a few of the basic principles of its structure. For instance, did you know that vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin? While this sounds fine in theory, think about this: your cell membranes are composed of fatty acids, which means that a water-soluble vitamin will have a hard time permeating that membrane. That’s why traditional vitamin C oral supplements have an absorption rate of around 20 percent – not exactly what you were hoping for if you’re looking to boost your vitamin C intake.

Liposomal vitamin C, on the other hand, is “packaged” like a bodily cell, becoming fat soluble so it can easily absorb into the cell membranes in the body. This enables it to pass through the digestive barrier (where many supplements essentially die) and deliver nutrients into the bloodstream.

When taken in liposomal form, you can increase your absorption rate to 90 percent – a huge difference than a traditional oral supplement.

Liposomal Vitamin C Helps Ward Off Scary Diseases

When you’re taking liposomal vitamin C, you’re truly getting the most out of your supplement.

A higher absorption rate means you’re more likely to experience the wealth of benefits from vitamin C. These include helping to reduce infections, improving lung functionality and oxygenation within the bloodstream, improving blood sugar stability and helping to prevent heart disease and diabetes.

With the amazing benefits available from vitamin C, you’re doing your body a great disservice if you’re taking it in a form that is not absorbed as well as it could be.

Liposomal Vitamin C is Even Better Than an IV

If the trick to getting the most out of your vitamin C supplement is getting the nutrients into the bloodstream, it stands to reason that an IV would be the best way to deliver it, right? Wrong!

While receiving vitamin C through an IV will initially elevate vitamin C levels in the blood dramatically, that does not equate to better absorption. That’s because the nutrient still needs to break through the cell membrane barrier, which it can’t do as easily if it is delivered in a water-soluble form.

Liposomal vitamin C is formed with a liposomal membrane that fuses with the liposomal material of the cell wall. Taking a liposomal vitamin C supplement not only saves you time (IV treatments can last several hours), but also a whole lot of money.

Liposomal Vitamin C Boosts Immunity and Reduces Inflammation

We’ve talked a whole lot about absorption, but nutrient absorption doesn’t really matter until you know the effects of that nutrient on your body.

When absorbed effectively, vitamin C helps reduce inflammation and boost immunity – two things that are critical to your overall health and wellbeing.

Chances are, you suffer from an inflammatory condition of some kind, from asthma to allergies to arthritis. Additionally, common ailments like colds and flus can also increase inflammation. Vitamin C helps reduce this inflammation while also improving the overall condition of bones, discs, tendons and even the skin.

In short: your body deserves a regular dose of liposomal vitamin C.

Ready to find out about liposomal vitamin C for yourself?

Author: LifeXtendLabs™



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