Keep Cold and Flu Season Far Away This Year

Fall is just around the corner and even though you might be thinking about football and pumpkin spice, we’re thinking about tissues and cough drops. That’s because, along with the cooler temperatures and falling leaves, autumn inevitably brings with it cold and flu season. With kids back in school and an undoubtedly busy schedule during the next few months, you’re sure to need as much helps as you can get staying healthy. Here are our top tips to feeling good through cold and flu season.

Wash when you shake.

If you have a job, chances are you can’t avoid touching other humans. But all that contact is why cold and flu viruses spread like, well, viruses, during the cooler months. This fall, make a rule that every time you shake someone’s hand, you wash yours. Sure, you might not be able to get to a bathroom right away, but you’re also probably not shaking dozens of hands every day. The rule of washing after shaking will – at the very least – ensure that you wash your hands regularly throughout the day. Of course, in the interim, be conscious about touching your eyes or mouth with your hands – that’s how germs like to spread.

Go to bed early.

Yes, the new fall television lineup is just starting, and you likely can’t wait for that first episode of Scandal. But staying up late and getting up early is a good recipe for a cold or flu virus. Sleep is one of the body’s biggest necessities for keeping its immunity up. When you’re tired, your body doesn’t have the energy it needs to ward off colds and flus. Aim for eight to ten (yes, ten!) hours of sleep per night to keep yourself healthy this fall.

Stay home.

The world would have a lot fewer colds if people suffering from the virus stayed home in bed. Unfortunately, most people try to carry on with their normal life – and go about spreading the virus to others at work, school, church and maybe even the supermarket. If you fall victim to the cold or flu this year, do the rest of the world a favor by staying home.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

Think about the items you most frequently have in your hands – doorknobs, cell phones, car keys, purses and electronic devices. Guess what? Those items are a favorite spot for germs to spread to hands and eventually into bodies, making them sick. Just as you wash your hands throughout the day, you should also take care to sanitize items that are often in them. Keep antibacterial wipes around so you can sanitize on the go.

Be happy.

If you’re stressed out or worried, you might be doing yourself – and your health – a disservice. Studies show that positive thinking, along with enjoyable activities, can help to boost your immune system. At any rate, it’s a good excuse to play that round of golf or get that hot stone massage.

Take liposomal vitamin C.

You already know the countless benefits of vitamin C to your body. But chances are, your diet – and likely your supplement – isn’t getting you the healthy results you’re after. That’s because vitamin absorption in the body can be tricky, and you might not actually be absorbing all that vitamin c you’re taking. A liposomal vitamin c supplement, however, offers you the vitamins and the delivery system that ensures the vitamins are absorbed. Always opt for liposomal vitamin C when you’re trying to boost your immune system (and when are you not?).

Ready to get – and stay – healthy all autumn long? We can help. Liposomal vitamin C may be just what your immune system needs to truly thrive.

Author: Kristen Price

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